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Jul 15, 2010. Using creative videos, Old Spice aggressively markets to women Isaiah Mustafa appears in videos for Old Spice shower gel that have been popular on YouTube. man,” arrived in February with a television commercial starring the a final shot — Mr Mustafa sits on a horse, proclaiming, “I'm on a horse

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Jul 19, 2010. I'm On A Horse Old Spice Remix Spoof Music Video The Beat Bumz on YouTube took the words to the Old Spice commercial, headed into  Feb 22, 2010. you may have seen this engaging Old. Spice commercial where a man The commercial itself has garnered over 2 5 million views on YouTube  Feb 22, 2010 In addition to being hilarious, the Old Spice ad succeeds where other commercials. for male body washes fail -- not only do men see themselves 

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I'm on a horse It started with a single commercial. in which Mustafa (a k a. Old Spice Man) describes everything that would be possible if the target audience's  Nov 9, 2012. Isaiah Mustafa's Old Spice Commercials is a series of YouTube response videos. changed from a bathroom to a beach ending with the actor sitting on top of a horse I'm soooo going to do my assignment on this. hehehe The campaign was initially launched to market Old Spice's Red Zone After Hours Body. of the commercial is Mustafa's non sequitur final. statement: "I'm on a horse", The commercial was a hit on video-sharing websites, such as YouTube,  Nov 3, 2010. I'm on. a horse. " {HD} Old Spice Commercial Compilation {Great Commercials}. by Chris John352,313 views; 22:01. Watch Later Steven Levitt: 

May 13, 2012 Learn the proper way to say and pronounce the name Old Spice in English Old Spice Commercial Guy Man I'm On A Horse Script Deodorant 

May 31, 2012 and Terry Crews. I'm On a Horse. Terry Crews - Old Spice All Commercials by MrZeskii2,932,832 views; 4:16 Watch Later. FUNNY 

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Aug 30, 2012 Video I made to the "I'm on. a Horse" Old Spice commercial Hope you enjoy(: Please comment with any other Doctor Who videos you would  Feb 9, 2010 The Best Old Spice. TV Superbowl Ad The Man Your Man Could Smell Like { HD} Old Spice Commercial Compilation {Great Commercials}by 

Feb 4, 2010 Next in Old Spice Man Commercials. 0:18. Watch. Later Old Spice | I'm Backby Old Spice2,224,309 views · 0:33 Watch Later Old. Spice 

May 10, 2010 If only I had a horse. I'm on a Horse - Old Spice Commercial. Terry Crews - Old Spice All Commercialsby MrZeskii2,941,498 views; 8:46.

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What you may have missed over the weekend and what’s coming up from old spice commercial i'm on a horse youtube:

9, old spice commercial terry crews. 21, old spice body wash commercial 95, old spice i'm on a horse script. 248, bruce campbell. old spice youtube

Jun 14, 2013 The New Nandos “I'm On A Horse” Television Ad Is Genius [VIDEO] On SA TV [ VIDEO] · Is This The Scariest Commercial Of All Time? long weekend started: Nando's take on the Old Spice “I'm on a horse” ad This was a way better rip of. of the original: http://www youtube com/watch?v=PQgJEv8jAl0.

Jul 17, 2010. But that first memorable TV commercial. was just the beginning. Commenters on the "Old Spice Manmercials" YouTube channel approve: "The universe "I'm the visionary," Bagley. joked recently, nodding toward Kallman. perfectly, to make the seamless transitions from bathroom to boat to horse.

Lorli Grosteffon Woitas Stainmaster carpet commercial featuring the colluding dog, cat and mouse! http://www youtube com/watch?v=ql-N3F1FhW4. December 10, 2010 at. Amanda Sinift Old spice with Isiah Mustafa "I'm on a horse"

Feb 2, 2012 The old spice man commercial is a perfect example of proper engagement with the old spice man says the famous words, “I'm. on a horse” which once more Because Youtube had a huge impact. on the success of the ad

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Jul 13, 2010 Old Spice 'On A Horse' Guy Replies to Tweets On Youtube My good friend Wayne Sutton is a massive fan of the new Old Spice commercials. Is it dangerous when a snake licks you – Yahoo Answers; I'm sorry I can't bake  Jul 20, 2010. The new Old Spice ads, and their hunky star, Isaiah Mustafa, have gone viral. Not only have the one-shot commercials. — in which intensely deadpan million YouTube views, they've spawned. a vast array of parodies, spoofs closing with the line "I'm on a bun" (a riff on the original's "I'm on a horse")

Oct 12, 2010. Old Spice's "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" commercials has reached. in order to demonstrate the word "on" — for example, "I am on a horse. " recorded; the version you see on YouTube and around the web was  With Tom at the helm you know you're going to get a colourful and ultimately smart film The bizarre catch phrase 'I'm on a horse!' sums it all up perfectly

Jul 18, 2010. It has been viewed on YouTube. more than 13 million times. And, according to Advertising Age, the. Old Spice commercials received more is possible when your man smells. like old spice and not a lady i'm on a horse. Jul 1, 2010. Old Spice Brings Out A Sequel To Popular “I'm On A Horse” Commercial That commercial garnered 11 million. hits on YouTube and even 

(Inspired by the now-he's-in-a-towel-now-he's-on-a-boat. guy from the Old Spice commercial. ) Frank: Awesome come from behind win, Phil! Phil: Yeah, I'm on a 

May 15, 2013. Old Spice Man (better known to Anon as Old. Spice Guy) joined a long line of quirky 4. 1 Everything Is Now Diamonds; 4 2 I'm On A Horse

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Jan 2, 2011 Isaiah Mustafa is now known more for the Old Spice commercials than. "I'm on a horse," Mustafa adds, casually, and magically — seamlessly — he is Spice spot catch fire (since Old Spice. uploaded the spot to YouTube in  Jul 27, 2011. Old Spice is giving consumers more. entertaining brand self-love with is producing content for YouTube and Twitter that plays off the work it. It isn't classified as commercial, but rather social, so there's no I'm on a horse


Nov 20, 2012 Old Spice“The Man Your Man Can Smell Like”Austin. Frantz – Jason Liddell – Benjamin Patterson The first 30-second commercial features Mustafa on a horse. men can achieve by using Old Spice, concluding with “I'm on a horse. news outlet across the country Old Spice's YouTube channelResults 

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Old Spice commercials - Find news stories, facts, pictures and video about Old new Old Spice guy on the brand's YouTube. channel and challenged old Old Spice (Newser) - The "I'm on a horse" Old Spice commercial was a tough act to  
Jun 20, 2013 Old Spice has fought parody with parody, issuing a tongue-in-cheek response to Nando's most recent TV ad spoofing the men's fragrance's iconic "I'm on a horse" ad. Nando's spoof Old. Spice ad YouTube. Pin It  Mar 28, 2010 In one video on Old Spice's YouTube. page, a golfing scene ends with the. what other commercials just imply: “I'm a man,” these commercials say over Men get to lift weights, woo hot chicks, ride a horse, go golfing and be  Isaiah Mustafa rides horse for Old Spice commercial Mr Isaiah Mustafah now officially drives the #1 Most Subscribed. YouTube site of All-Time, his shower  Jan 26, 2011 Actor Isaiah Mustafa is featured in a new Old Spice commercial In another effort to keep the buzz going for the YouTube hit, a yet-to-be-named tens of millions of online views and a new catch-phrase: "I'm on a horse

Jun 30, 2010 Mustafa His first Old Spice ad was just voted the best commercial of the. past year at Cannes, and now Isaiah Mustafa is back with an encore

Feb 18, 2010 Seriously, he's on a horse The Old Spice body wash audition was like any other except The commercial went up on YouTube on Feb "There was a couple standing behind me, and as I'm leaving, the guy stops me," 

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Feb 19, 2010 I'm sure that deep in YouTube's. analytics there's a number for how As much as I love The Man's horse, this follow-up ends the need for any more horse The two commercials produced by Wieden+Kennedy (of Old Spice  A profile of Tom Kuntz, the director behind. the Old Spice ad, from Esquire's 2010 The way Tom Kuntz tells the story behind his commercial "The Man Your Man. YouTube views and. upwards of 1 4 billion media impressions, Old Spice Young men, of their own volition, are buying T-shirts bearing the line "I'm on a horse. Jul 15, 2010. Not only that but create an endless stream of commercials in near As most of us living outside of caves will know Oldspice has a new and creatively shot to boot with the 'I'm on a horse' ad being done in At last count there was 181 video responses from Isaiah up at http://www. youtube. com/oldspice 

Jul 2, 2010 A new commercial in Old Spice's “the man your man could smell like” series of ads hit the airwaves and the Internets this week. If you're not  You may be aware of a recent Old Spice advertising campaign. featuring a handsome man in absurd situations He has posted a video on YouTube that could be used to prepare a personalized voicemail message (and then I'm on a horse

Mar 2, 2010 Former ASU wide receiver finds fame with Old Spice commercial, The "Smell-like -a-man, man" is Isaiah It has more than four million hits on YouTube. There already is a short "Did you know I'm riding this horse backward?

Aug 11, 2010 I'm sure by now you've seen the Old Spice commercials that have gone viral on the. This thing just went mad, and has had over 17 million views on YouTube alone In this case the biggest one is at. the end: “I'm on a horse!

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Oct 18, 2010 If you haven't seen Grover's Old Spice parody yet, put away your Official Muppet Fan Because this video premiered on YouTube, the toughest. critics of all are the YouTube viewers. Let's see what some of them have to say about Grover's commercial. jamigar98 - lol “I'm on a horse” “MOO” “Cow” May 20, 2013 Mustafa rose to fame on the back of. a white horse on a palm-fringed Old Spice Man often ended his famous soliloquies. with the line, “I'm on a
Mar 13, 2013. A few years ago, the Old Spice company decided to give its public image a This was exemplified with skit-like commercials that featured ongoing storylines, and. starring obscure heroes like Isaiah Mustafa (the “I'm on a horse” guy), Nor was I expecting the whole thing to be streamed live on YouTube

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Apr 12, 2010 Old Spice has released a series of "manmercials" to promote its beauty products and we have to admit they're pretty funny Below you'll find our favorite: a commercial for body wash presented by the. YouTube - The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. Especially when he said "I'm on a horse" at the end. Jul 23, 2010 Of course you do, because The Old Spice Guy and. his commercial have been the best thing. Punch in Old Spice on YouTube and you'll see. that the first TV spot, " The Man Your Man I'm on a horse riding. the wrong way? I'm on a horse I kind of want to buy old spice now and I'm. a woman. Just looked up the compilation of Terry. Crews Old Spice commercials on youtube

Mar 9, 2010 From a third commenter, "OMG, I'm so glad to hear other people are feeling the same way I mean, can I say that I liked the Old. Spice commercial because it was. I don't feel bad that I like this ad because men on horses are sexy, http:// www youtube com/watch?v=9raQiHJioGM) in which Grant Hill 

Jul 1, 2010 New YouTube Old Spice. commercial video Isaiah Mustafa is back, and this time he's not on a horse to reveal Mustafa log rolling on a beautiful lake and then hoping off to walk on water a la Jesus-style (but I'm sure Christ 

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Mar 26, 2010 The Old Spice commercial starring Isaiah Mustafa — and the catchphrase, "I'm the. [Funkanomics Comedy's. YouTube] Old Spice pitchman Isaiah Mustafa proved he is charming even when not on a horse Richard Alpert is probably one of the only dudes I'm finding hotter than Mr Mustafa these days

Feb 9, 2010. [YouTube Clip] - via redditOld Spice has recently released a series of Manmercials And by the way, I'm. on a horse. What a BS commercial Jul 13, 2010 I'm glad at least some of most of you are liking my new Old Spice commercial. Tue Jul 13 17:40:54 via webOld Spice OldSpice We like this On YouTube, sjuman28 commented: That towel should be shorter I'm on. a horse.

Jun 30, 2010. Good thing Old Spice has released another commercial featuring Isaiah “I'm. On A Horse” Mustafa, a guy who is so beloved that he landed a  D http://www youtube. com/watch?v=iRmdeSFiuP4. Off Topic Day! > New Old Spice commercial :D For Mothers of sons I'm on a horse! Old  12 hours ago. Old Spice Commercial - Low fat seasonal pumpkin treats. examiner com. SMITE 110- I'm on a Horse [Guan Yu] · Old Spice Wolfdogs 

Sep 19, 2013 Facebook · Twitter · Pinterest. · YouTube · RSS Yours truly chilling with Old. Spice Guy, Isaiah Mustafa said it) of those laugh-out-loud Old Spice commercials. – and the man you'd like If I see a girl in a dress and high-heeled shoes, I'm going to look – it's Now I just wonder when he'll ride in on a horse

Jul 16, 2010. The phrase “I'm on a horse” has become popular, reminiscent of “I'm on a boat” These Old Spice commercials appeal to a man's sense of. Youtube user dehudson1230 also hates the Old Spice Guy, and recently posted 

Aug 21, 2012 Speaking of Old Spice, that brand did well with humor too of the commercial is Mustafa's non sequitur final statement: "I'm on a horse", delivered as the camera zooms out to reveal to the viewer that Mustafa is now sitting atop a horse. Last year Old Spice launched a new campaign on YouTube featuring a 

Jul 16, 2010. When I see my sweet AdAge pour more gas on the "Old-Spice goes viral" Video, YouTube Tagged With: beyond, commercial, goes, horse, man, But it's not, nor was it, I'm sure, a simple thing for the people at P&G to be 

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Jul 29, 2010 Hello, readers. How are you? Fantastic The recent series of Old Spice commercials starring Isaiah Mustafa have been a pop culture hit, especially on YouTube I'm on a horse 1x1 trans Audio Parody:. Lean Spice  I'm a little shocked that no one around here. has started a thread about Grover's Grover does a fantastic job in his take on the Old Spice commercials, teaching kids about the meaning of the word "on," as in "I am on a horse.

Oct 11, 2010 Sesame Street and Grover have gifted the universe with a spoof of Old Spice's. "I' m on a Horse" campaign -- disguised as a lesson about the  Oct 11, 2013 Top 'Old Spice' Commercials on Social Media. the “Old Spice man” is, and their favourite part is the unanticipated climax, “I'm on a horse”

Sep 9, 2013 about that clever Old Spice commercial… the one where the guy closes the commercial with, “I'm on a horse”? I haven't bought any Old Spice because of that commercial The majority of the comments below the YouTube video and the Mashable article are negative But I'm finished with Benefit

Mar 2, 2011. Old Spice commercials:. not so much anymore This short YouTube clip of him in his iconic shower stall promises us a but it appears they've already moved on from the "I'm on a horse" routine in favor of Ray Lewis.

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Feb 22, 2010 I'm sure most of you out there has seen the Old Spice. commercial where this guy moves from a shower to a horse It's the Best. When you have 20 minutes, look at the You Tube of how they created the Old Spice Commercial So old spice is churning out a ton of short videos responding to tweets, http://. www. youtube com/watch?v=DW25ApIyy4U I'm so conflicted. fund retarded car commercials not the guy who green-lit this sort of thing


500+ videos; 150+ million views; 1+ million combined YouTube subscribers. Released in July 2010 along with the Old Spice “I'm on a horse” video response. We love the ridiculous nature of local commercials, and we created a series of  

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Jul 14, 2010 The Old Spice YouTube Channel is the fourth Most Subscribed to sponsored. are down 7% since the “I'm on a horse” commercial first aired… Nov 3, 2010 Since Lisa posted about the Old Spice guy today, I thought I'd post I'm pretty sure this is the 'foundation' for this stupid website feature http://www youtube com/watch?v Syd, and human, thanks for suggesting that the white horse stuffed animal is a referent to the Old Spice white horse commercial

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