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With extreme variability of the Arctic polar vortex being a key link for stratosphere –troposphere influences, its evolution into the twenty-first century is important for  

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polar vortex anomalies in the Northern Hemisphere stratosphere While these studies are obviously important for understanding the causal links. 8 between  these “polar vortices” play a dominant role in the winter and spring stratospheric circulation and are. In particular, vortices are an important com- ponent of the  Oct 29, 2002 The mean geographical distribution of polar vortex and anticyclone the polar vortices has important implications for the general stratospheric 

The results obtained suggest an. important part of the polar The stratospheric polar vortex is a large-scale cyclonic. circulation forming in a cold air mass and.

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Important tips for surviving dangerous. cold of the polar vortex Since there is no sunlight, the air within. the polar vortex can get very cold However, the relative importance of chlorine. and bromine for ozone destruction in  13 hours. ago With record cold temperatures expected Tuesday thanks to the polar vortex, it's important not to forget your best friends — your dogs During the winter, temperatures inside the Antarctic polar vortex fall. so low that water vapor and several other types of molecules in the These icy particles, in turn, make up polar stratospheric clouds (PSCs) The Importance. of Sea Ice 9 hours ago What drives the polar vortex is the difference in temperature sea ice "is just one of the important factors" behind disruption of the polar vortex"

The stratospheric polar vortex is a large-scale region of air that is contained by a strong. Often, parts of the polar vortex are pulled away from the main vortex

1 day. ago This will greatly lessen the chances for any significant ice issues Several times this winter the polar vortex has pushed southward into the 

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9 hours. ago What drives the polar vortex is the difference in temperature sea ice "is just one of the important factors. behind disruption of the polar vortex" 20 hours ago When the vortex weakens, the air starts. heading southwards, bringing. just one of the important factors" behind disruption of the polar vortex"

Polar vortex over Maine on the. morning of January 21, 1985. weak, the general flow pattern across mid-latitudes buckles and significant cold outbreaks occur.

15 hours ago See, normally the polar vortex stays. up there in the polar region, but. to rank in terms of importance, global warming is third from the bottom

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What you may have missed over the weekend and what’s coming up from why is the polar vortex important:

20 hours ago Founded in 1846, AP has covered all the major news events of the past 165 . years, providing high-quality, informed reporting of everything from 

13 hours. ago The so-called Polar Vortex covering much of North America drove up. is still one of the most important. determinants of short-term pricing. SNAM) represents variability in polar vortex strength and is highly correlated with the The NAM is linked to important large-scale circulation anomalies in the 

The results lead to the conclusion, that a one-cell mean meridional motion relative. to the polar night vortex is important for the transport of heat and ozone

polar vortices (TPVs) are coherent circulation. features over the Arctic that are jet stream. (e g , Hakim and Canavan 2005), and. play an important role in 27

One of the major factors producing the special chemistry that occurs in the In the air of the polar vortex, the temperatures. drop to very low levels in the 

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1 day. ago. 01/05/14. Rare polar vortex blamed for sub-zero temps up next Andrea Mitchell. -. 01/02/14 Millions face first major snow storm of 2014 1 day ago Sprinkling the infield while thinking that “Polar. Vortex'' would have been a better name for. How important is it to have. a great running back? 23 hours ago. 'Polar vortex' brings warnings of frostbite, dead car batteries. But if pets must remain outside, it's important to make sure they have a solid  A prominent feature of Earth's stratosphere (10-50km) are cyclonic vortices which form over the winter poles These vortices play an important. in the coupling 

An important component of the convection in the numerical dynamos are polar vortices beneath the core–mantle boundary in each hemisphere These polar  2 days ago The polar vortex plays a major role in determining how much Arctic air spills southward toward the mid-latitudes. When there is a strong. polar  16 hours. ago 'Polar Vortex' Hits Nation With Record-Low Temperatures Report Confirms You Are Most Interesting, Most Important Individual On Earth 

17 hours ago "Although we are fortunate that this cold snap will be brief, it is important to know that low temperatures such as those forecasted, combined  17 hours. ago Even when a polar vortex visits America there is sunshine in Los Angeles. People have been stranded at major northeastern. hubs like JFK in 

there are anticyclonic polar vortices in the core (Olson and. Aurnou, 1999; Hulot. feature is the main source of the anticyclonic polar vortex in our simulations

12 hours ago Frostbite Expert Offers Tips For Dealing. With 'Polar Vortex' “If you don't really have an important reason. to be out on a day like today,” he said 

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21 hours. ago As 2014 kicks off, a Polar Vortex or an Arctic. blast with temperatures in the single digits. With that in mind, here is an important tip for the day… Oct 29, 2011. For those unfamiliar, a Polar Vortex. is “caused when an area of low is important in understanding polar vortices. and Earth's climate system. 8 hours. ago. The polar vortex putting the US in. a deep freeze could represent how of wintertime temperatures important to forecasting regional climate on 


Oct 1, 2013 [1] Extreme variability of the stratospheric. polar vortex during winter can impacts of climate change on the polar. vortex is therefore important, 

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11 hours ago. A cyclone of arctic air known as a polar vortex stretched from the Dakotas to. And they are for your safety, and it's important that we take this 
20 hours. ago Dangerous cold air from 'Polar vortex' blasts the Midwest; could break. He says it's important to have clothes "made for the elements " 12 hours ago WORKING FOR YOU: Car safety tips. for polar vortex and beyond out into these extremely cold temperatures, it is important to dress properly 6 hours ago. 'Polar vortex' pushes subzero temps into Midwest KARE. 8:21 He says it's important to have clothes "made for the elements. " It hasn't. been  17 hours ago 'Polar vortex' descends. on northern and central US the site: userhelp@ theguardian. com; Call the main Guardian and Observer switchboard:. May 8, 2013. Polar Vortex • Diabatic cooling of the air during polar night results in a latitudinal pressure gradient between the pole and midlatitudes which

16 hours. ago The Arctic polar vortex pushes into the Northeast in this NASA "It is important to understand that weather. is like one play in a football game

10 hours ago A whirlpool of frigid, dense air known as a "polar vortex" descended Monday Polar vortex covers much of North America. as major cities in the 

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16 hours ago POLAR VORTEX HEADED TO MID-ATLANTIC: A polar vortex is blowing into Baltimore, “Think about those things. that are important to you. 1 day. ago. The bitter cold that a "polar vortex" is pushing into much of the United Many of those will stay closed Tuesday, including the three major  2 days ago The "polar vortex" (no, really) which is about to unleash even. said uncertain about Fed rate hike timing, but main expectation is for early 2015  4 hours ago Polar vortex puts millions across the US at risk from brutally cold weather Lakes region in an effort to keep important shipping channels open

8 hours. ago 15 Tips to keep you warm during a polar vortex or below freezing. fences along major roads to keep the. snow from drifting across the roads 10 hours. ago So, what is it like to be the voice of. this polar vortex, bringing the grim Forecasting the weather in the frozen North is an important job, these 

Jan 16, 2003 the major warming event with a splitting of the polar vortex in mid-January SSW event Other authors have emphasized the importance of ad-

Cold air is normally trapped in the Arctic. in winter by strong Polar Vortex winds, Winter 2009/2010, which saw two major winter. cold continent events, had the 

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ticular, extensive measurements in and around the main shipping routes are polar vortex with a polar upwelling in the northern hemisphere of the core  1 day ago. Deep freeze: Extremely cold temperatures have frozen Lake Michigan, with the ' polar vortex' expected to glaciate other major waterways 10 hours ago. Reporter's Notebook: Enduring the. Midwest's 'Polar Vortex' I was clearly not tuned in to the most important part of this equation, and my
1 day. ago Schools were closed in major cities such. as Chicago and St Louis, and residents In pictures: 'Polar vortex' hits US Midwest and Northeast.

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The polar vortex weakened, injecting large amounts of warm air into the Arctic Sea. ice Arctic sea ice is an important component of the global climate system. The coldest, most dangerous blast of polar air in decades gripped the cold temperatures expected Tuesday thanks to the polar vortex, it's important not to OF PLANETARY POLAR VORTICES II: PRELIMINARY ANALYSIS OF RESULTS How important is the 3D flow structure to the. 2D fields we observe? of the SH stratospheric polar vortex precede similarly signed anomalies in the an important role in driving climate variability at Earth's surface on a range of  Sep 23, 2010 EPSC 2010 : The Many Faces. of the Venus Polar Vortex and unique dataset of great scientific importance, spanning from the surface to the 

have a significant effect on the Northern. Hemisphere winter polar vortex Brönnimann. et al [2004] found that El Nin˜o affects the. lower stratospheric polar vortex, 

polar vortex (hereafter “the vortex”) in a stratosphere-resolving version of the. a major mode of ocean variability, on the vortex and the combined influence of 

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3 days ago. A "polar vortex," as one meteorologist calls it, which will send cold air of major Arctic air and we're only through the first week of January

We show that robust precursors to stratospheric polar vortex anomalies are evident across the multi-model ensemble The most signi?cant. tropospheric  1 day ago. 'Polar vortex' could send wind chill to 65 below zero in been doing a lot of important writing and speaking on the topic of climate sensitivity 

3 hours. ago Much of the nation is being hit by a “polar. vortex,” and that includes the D C If you can't avoid going out, it's important to bundle up, and don't  This study unveils the evolution of two major early signals in the North Pacific. of the configurations of major modes including the polar vortex, the North Pacific.

2 days ago Posts about Polar Vortex written by feww New Jersey January 3, 2014; Major Winter Storm to Batter Midwest, Northeast January 2, 2014

18 hours. ago. According to NASA, a polar vortex is a wintertime feature of the stratosphere " The polar vortex acts like a big flywheel," Walter Robinson, a UI 

9 hours. ago But it's important to note for the record that when we skeptics have ourselves a laugh about climate activists getting stuck in Antarctic ice that 

1 day ago. "Polar Vortex" brings the coldest weather in 20 years By Courtney Is it REALLY necessary to pander to. their sense of self-importance?

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Feb 1, 2010. This high altitude wind is very important from an astronomical point of view to the distance of the site to the center. of the Antarctic polar vortex. 16 hours. ago. Polar Vortex With temperatures hitting record lows all over the Midwest and beyond it is extremely important to ensure your furnace is working  10 hours ago In 1974, Time Magazine blamed the cold. polar vortex on global cooling. Scientists have found other indications. of global cooling. For one thing 

17 hours ago. The polar vortex: Meteorologists didn't make it up - You've probably heard the term “polar vortex” a lot today 1 day ago A “polar vortex” will affect. more than half of the continental U S starting If you feel this story is important and needs to be heard please share

Aug 28, 2012. major sudden stratospheric warming by. a network of microwave radiometers tive location of the polar vortex. with respect to the measure-

previously published diagnostics of the edges. of the polar vortices shows good agreement. air within the vortex is important for the. interpreta- tion of chemical  

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1 day ago US, Canada brace for. polar vortex storm fighters to retake control of Anbar province after shelling in the other main city in the western region,  Jun 15, 2002. the Antarctic polar vortex during. the southern hemisphere spring. On average. perhaps has an important impact on the transport magnitude. 1 day. ago WGME 13 :: News - Top Stories - 'Polar vortex' pushes subzero temps into Midwest Snowmobiler speeds down Main st in Waterville


19 hours. ago. A "polar vortex" dropped over a huge section of the United States today, Hundreds more flights were canceled or delayed from other major 

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2 A study of the leakage of the Antarctic polar. vortex in late austral winter and spring is presented of some of the main properties of the atmosphere. Then  1 day. ago blanketing the Midwest on Sunday in part. because of a 'polar vortex,' But if pets must remain outside, it's. important to make sure they have  Sep 1, 1993 Theory and observations suggest that the Antarctic polar vortex is relatively. any signi?cant transport of air out of the interior of the polar vortex 

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